Free Ice Cream Social Meet n Greet

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Jason Plummer, Dave Barnes, and Scott O’Grady

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Jason Plummer, Dave Barnes, and Scott O’Grady

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Trivia Nite

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Cahokia’s Firemans Parade and Picnic

Saturday June 2nd was a great day for a parade in Cahokia, IL. I got to meet a lot of folks that are excited to hear that for the first time since 2000 they have a choice in the State Senatorial Race in District 57. It isn’t automatic for James Clayborne to win, matter of fact, I believe that this will be the end of his reign in the Senate. If not, it should be due to the fact he has been in since 1995. It will take all of us in Cahokia, East St. Louis, Millstadt, Freeburg, Smithton, Lebanon, O’Fallon, Fairview Heights, Shiloh, Belleville, Swansea, Granite City, Washington Park, Venice, Madison, and Caseyville to make this happen.

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Belleville Shriner Parade

Great weather, great cause, great participation= a great time at the Belleville Shriners Parade on June 01. This is the most exciting year for Republicans in the great state of Illinois in the last decade. There will be new faces in office after the November 06 election, both state and federal. The Democrats have been in control for the last 10 years and you have to ask yourself, am I better off now than in 2002? I think we all know the answer to that question. It’s time to retire Senator Clayborne and we can do that this year.

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Professional Sunday at Apostolic Church of Belleville

The Apostolic Church of Belleville sponsored Professional Sunday on May 20, 2012 where they honored first responders, including firefighters, police, emergency workers, paramedics, and nurses, also bankers, dentists, Social Workers, public servants, and some candidates who are campaigning for political office in local, state, and federal positions.  Jason Plummer, Jon McLean and Honorable Judge Stephen McGlynn each briefly addressed the congregation.  At the end of the service, prayer was made for all professionals for wisdom, guidance and protection. Those shown in the picture are Jason Plummer, candidate for 12th Congressional District; Associate Judge Laninya Cason, candidate for 20th Judicial Circuit; St. Clair County Republican Central Committee Chairman Jon McLean;  Honorable Judge Stephen McGlynn, candidate for 5th Appellate Court; Attorney Ron Duebbert, candidate for 20th Judicial Circuit; Dave Barnes, candidate for 57th State Senate; Melinda Hult, candidate for 113th State Representative; and Ed Cockrell, candidate for County Board District 7.

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St Clair County Lincoln Day Dinner

Group picture of 2012 Candidates.

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Tailgate Club

If you own a pickup truck, then come join the
“Barnes For Senator Tailgate Club.”

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Taxpayer Protection Pledge

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Governor Quinn proposes his 4th budget.

Governor Quinn proposes his 4th budget.

We hoped the Governor would offer a challenging, austere plan. We were hoping for a “Reality Check” from the Governor.

Instead, we got a proposed budget that increases spending over FY12 and continues to expand programs with little explanation as to how we will pay for them.

The Governor proposed spending about $550 million more than the adopted FY12 budget and $50 million more than the latest spending projections for the current budget.

The Governor claimed that his budget rolls back spending to FY08 levels, but that is simply not true. The Governor is only counting appropriations. In reality, the Governor is asking to spend about $3.4 billion more than in 2008.

We wanted to hear the Governor’s plan to bring spending under control and assure that the 67% income tax increase would remain temporary. But the Governor made clear he has no intention of allowing the 67% tax increase to expire.

Reducing the state’s backlog of bills was cited as a primary reason for last year’s massive income tax hike, but the budget the Governor proposed today leaves just $160 million to pay off old bills and, instead, spends 99.5% of every anticipated dollar the state would receive in the coming year.

Furthermore, despite tough talk on Medicaid spending in the run up to today’s address, the Governor’s proposed budget anticipates adding 160,000 persons to the program. That’s like adding the entire population of Joliet to Medicaid. As a result, total Medicaid enrollment will reach a record three million persons in the coming year.

This mismanagement of Medicaid is no different than what we have seen over the last several years. Illinois has been adding citizens to Medicaid at about this same rate every year. Already one out of every two infants is born into Medicaid. This trend must be reversed.

The Governor’s own human services agency has admitted the state will face a $21 billion Medicaid backlog in five years. The Governor’s proposed budget holds Medicaid appropriations flat to last year. However, this proposed appropriation is $2.7 billion short of expected Medicaid costs, and the Governor has offered no specifics as to how to cut $2.7 billion from Medicaid.

On pensions, the Governor keyed in on skyrocketing public pension payments, but offered little in the way of reforms and continued to promote the idea of pushing more costs onto local property taxpayers.

There are a number of glaring exceptions to the Governor’s so called spending austerity.

The Governor asked to add $32 million to state education spending with the largest portion of that – $20 million – going to early childhood education, rather than traditional classrooms.

Other specialized programs would also see large increases, such as a 200% hike from $12 million to $36 million in the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative. The Monetary Award Program was increased $50 million, too.

Other Issues in Governor Quinn’s Budget Proposal:

Proposed closure of state facilities

  • Supermax Tamms, IYC Murphysboro, IYC Joliet, Dwight
  • Adult Transition Centers in Peoria, Crossroads Chicago, Westside Chicago, Decatur, Aurora & Carbondale
  • Jacksonville, Tinley Park, Singer (Rockford) & Murray (Centralia)
  • DHS local offices – 24 of them, not identified to us
  • The Senate partisan breakout is relatively balanced

Correctional facilities 5-5
DD / MI Facilities 4-1 Republican
DCFS Facilities 3-0 Democrat

Annual road program slashed

  • At $1.5 billion, FY13 annual road program is lowest since FY99 – before Illinois FIRST
  • FY13 program would be 50% lower than last year – program is cut in half
  • Road Program details don’t come out until April
  • This will be a huge issue in the coming months

$3 billion in new capital bonds

  • $1 billion for clean water projects – sewer and water infrastructure
  • $1 billion on schools
  • $575 million for “21st Century” universities and community colleges, $566 million for “21st Century” school technology upgrades and $50 million for early childhood construction grants;
  • $1 billion on state facilities;
  • $50 million health care technology (part of the “Next Generation!” list of projects),
  • $550 million in state facilities – new & repairs;
  • And lots of other retreads from past failed proposals.

No new revenues were proposed to cover these new bond payments. Debt service would be about $200 million once all bonds are sold, over several years.

Dave Barnes, Sr. for State Senator 57th District

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